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Monday, November 29, 2010

seau à bébé

From all the baby stuff we bought, the Tummy Tub is certainly the greatest! We've named it the "baby bucket". You can find stores in The Netherlands were it only costs 15€ (about 20$)! It is definetly worth the money.
We've never used a "regular" bathtub. Only the bucket! M is now 5 months old and still loves it. His shape conveys a feeling of reassurance because your baby stays in the foetal position. And you would be surprise of the little amount of water you need!

10-11-29 le bain 5, originally uploaded by Nathalie Nayer.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

first book

Aujourd'hui, nous avons fait une longue promenade, des quatre bras jusqu'à la librairie Molière du boulevard Tirou.
M a été très sage.
Et pour son tout premier passage en librairie, nous lui avons laissé choisir son livre.

Et c'est sur "MES ANIMAUX DU FROID A TOUCHER" qu'elle a jeté son dévolu.

Friday, November 26, 2010

liste du vendredi : I am neurotic because...

For this week's list, I chose ten funny compulsions I read here.

1. When I ride in a car and there are lots of consecutive trees or perhaps a forest, I can’t look at the trees for too long for fear that my eyes are going to get poked out.
2. I hate going into toilet cubicles where the toilet lid is closed. I live in terror of one day lifting the lid of a toilet and finding a severed head inside.
3. When I was younger, I was really neurotic about time. I would stand in front of a digital clock and make an equation out of the time. For example 11:34 could be 1 x 1 + 3 = 4. If I couldn’t make an equation, I would wait for the numbers to change to a time that would work out in an equation. I spent a lot of time standing in front of the clock on our oven at home…
4. When I peel a banana, I have to make sure the peel separates into four strips. If it starts to peel into just three, I’ll rip one in half to make it four.
5. I always try to land on my right foot when walking down stairs. To this end, for every set of stairs I regularly use, I memorize whether I need to start out on my left foot or right.
6. I must put my right sock on before my left, but my left shoe on before my right. If I ever catch myself doing the opposite, I wait 5 minutes before going through with the procedure again.
7. I had numbers that I “liked” and “disliked”. When I woke up in the mornings, the first thing I’d do would be to add up all the numbers in the time, and I wouldn’t get out of bed until they added up to a number that I “liked.”
8. When I eat Starburst, I can only eat them in the following order: yellow, orange, pink and red. I stop eating once I’ve run out of enough candies to complete the pattern.
9. When I’m listening to a radio with a digital volume display, I can’t listen with the volume at an odd number.  I don’t know why, exactly— it’s as though the volume is uneven.  A volume of 15, clearly, means the volume will be 8 on the left speaker and 7 on the right.  And the right speaker will make up for the lack of volume with a shrill whydon’tyoulikemeasmuchastheleftspeaker? sound. I assume. I’ve never actually left the volume uneven long enough to find out.
10. When I eat salads, I must eat the lettuce first. Then I separate all the toppings into piles and eat them one at a time in order from least liked to most.

Did you enjoy? If you did, go get the book! I bought two! One for my mother and one for me.

And, since I made fun of those people, I ought to share my own strangest compulsions...
Sit tight... here are three off them :
1. I cannot read a magazine in a random order. It has to be from cover to cover. That's why I never buy the NEJM or the Annals of Internal Medicine because the article that interests me is never the first one. It is pathetic. I know.
2. When I walk up (or down) stairs, I count them. And when there is more than one flight, it bothers me if each flight doesn't have the same number of stairs. I then wonder why the architect did that.
3. Every year, when I go to my gynecologist for my routine screening, I faint during the pap smear. And I have to make huge efforts not to faint when I think about it.

What about you? I dare you to reveal one of your strangets compulsions!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cinquième moisiversaire

Il y a exactement un mois, M commençait à manger les panades de légumes. Voici la première expérience de carottes... pas très réussie.
Celle qui est morte de rire mais pas visible, c'est ma soeur.
Encore une fois, on s'est dit que si M savait téléphoner, elle aurait très certainement porté plainte.

Friday, November 19, 2010

liste du vendredi : I promise ...

Je promets :
1. de t'apprendre à faire des bonshommes en pâte à sel
2. de te faire des bisous magiques sur tes bobos jusqu'à ce qu'il ne fassent plus mal
3. de ne jamais lire tes lettres, ton journal intime ou ton agenda sans ta permission
4. de ne pas te forcer à mettre une cagoule en hiver
5. de t'aider à réciter ton auto-dictée
6. de ramasser du bois pour ta cabane
7. de te laisser lécher la casserole de chocolat fondu
8. de te construire un château fort dans la salle à manger et un bateau de pirate dans la salle de bain
9. de te pousser sur la balançoire autant de fois que tu le souhaites
10. de chasser les monstres de ta chambre

Remembre I told you about my addiction here?
Now, it's your turn!
Make a list of things you promise (it can be to your partner, your boss, your mother...) and it doesn't have to be 10 things... 3 is just fine.
Next, send it to me! I would love to read your list!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This painting was sold at ARTEX. I've named it "satellites".

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Feeling upset? sad? depressed?
Try a session of Margotherapy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

art postal 3

If you are interested in printmaking, go here to get more info about the workshops at Maison Conti in France.